New Content

I started to say ‘Howdeeeeee’ like Minnie Pearl, then I realized that most folks under the age of forty don’t know who Minnie Pearl was.   So, I’ll just say, What’s up, folks?  Even that doesn’t sound right…  I’ve never been one to be hip anyway…

There is some new content up here at Type AJ Negative.  Interviews with Bailey Hunter and Lee Thompson and another one with Gay Degani slated for a Tuesday release.  Also, my friend Lincoln Crisler will be showing up in the Donor Center in a few weeks.  LC is one cool dude and a tremendous writer. 

There’s also a new blog post, Life’s Little Mudcakes, about one of life’s events this past week.

Also, you can check out The Walking Man, a new story posted in the Blood Bank.

Have a look.  Browse the links to other websites.  Most importantly, enjoy.


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