A Personal Moment of AWESOMENESS…

Sometimes awesomeness comes when you least expect it.


As I stated before the disclaimer got in the way, sometimes awesomeness comes when you least expect it.

A few years ago I worked for a copy shop.  It was a mom and pop type of business, one that was pretty well known within the area.  I ran an office of three to four folks, depending on whatever mood the owners were in.  We were a small branch off the main company.  We had half the staff as the main office, yet we did as much work and raked in nearly half of the net profits. 

One of the owners—a not such a gentlemanly type—constantly rode my staff to do more work, to bring in more work, to lie if necessary, which I refused to allow my staff to do.  If we couldn’t get a job done, we didn’t accept it. 

Let me back up a step.  I worked for a company that catered to the legal profession, meaning that deadlines were usually fixed and there was little wiggle room.  Often the deadlines were terribly unrealistic.  Yet, 95% of the time, my staff met them and far exceeded our goals on a monthly basis.  A lot of these deadlines were usually court related, which meant if we didn’t meet them, cases could be lost.  Now that you know that, you understand why I refused to allow any of my staff to lie to a client and tell them we could do something we couldn’t. 

This infuriated ‘Richard’ to no end.  I refer to him as Richard because one of the shorter versions of the name is Dick, and this is what the owner was most of the time. 

Back to the story.  I left that company after a long time—too long if you asks my wife—and went to the firm I am with now, where I am quite happy with my job and the duties it involves.  That was back in 2004.  I also left under bad terms, with me resigning after some foul workings by said owner royally pissed me off.  I did not give two weeks.  I did not give an explanation.  I simply walked into my bosses’ office, set my keys and cell phone on the desk and said, “I quit.”  I then walked out. 

Needless to say, this was a weight off of my shoulders.  (Why do people say needless to say and then still say it anyway?)  I, fortunately, had already had another job lined up and spent the next couple of hours at the new place of employment, relieved to be away from Dick.  Or is that Satan?

Fast forward to today, six and a half years later.  A gentleman from work offers to buy a bunch of us pizza for lunch.  He asks me if I would go with him to pick them up.  Let’s see, walk to Pizza Hut for free pizza or not?  (This is one of those needless to say moments)  So, he and I walked the block from the office to the Pizza Hut and picked up the pizzas.  We walked into operations on the bottom floor of our building to sort the pizzas out.  Lo and behold, Richard—ah, who am I kidding, Dick—is standing there.  Our eyes met.  I smiled.  No, I wasn’t happy to see him—never seeing him again would have suited me just fine. 


I still smiled and I said, as politely as I could muster, “Hey.  How yah doin’?”  No, that is not with a New York accent.

His eyes narrowed, his lips pulled down as if anchors had suddenly attached itself to his face.  Without say a word, he walked out. 




Dick left the building.  Seriously.

One of my co-workers, Woody (which is kind of funny when you consider the owner being a dick), looked at me and asked, “Did you just say hey to him?”

Me:  “Yeah.”

Woody:  “He didn’t say anything?”

Me:  “Nope.”

Woody:  “What was that all about?”

Me:  “He’s the owner of the company I used to work for.”

Woody:  “Oh.  That was still rude.”

Me:  “That was… awesome…”

I started laughing.  Woody and my boss both looked at me like I had lost my mind. 

Okay, this is where everyone out there looks at the screen with weird looks on their faces, maybe a half grin/frown thing working, eyes holding that confused look in them.  You may even be scratching your head—for you men, I am referring to the one on your shoulders, thank you very much… Geeze…

Here’s the thing.  Dick was rather pissed when I left, even calling my house a dozen or so times to try and get me to come back.  I, of course, did not return any of the phone calls.  I was done with the place and with the BS that came with it.  Things had gotten so bad there that even the good things were bad and the bad things… well, you can imagine, can’t you?

A month after leaving, I recruited my best friend to work with me at the new place of employment.  As Keith put it a few weeks later, we had become free agents and our new team was better for us than the old one. No more playing for a team who didn’t look after its players—we were at a place where they wanted us.  And that goes a long way…

From there, the office we had opened completely shut down—all within about two months of my leaving.  It had a significant impact on the company—one that they have yet to recover from, all these years later.

Back to the story:  I started laughing and those in the office looked at me like I had lost my mind.  I explained, as I do now:

Here it is six and a half years later and Dick is still pissed at me.  Still.  He hasn’t let it go.  He hasn’t moved on.  Yes!  I hit him where it hurt—again, men, not there—and he didn’t like it.  I did to him what he did to so many of his employees and here it is, over six years later and I’m still that spur in his side. 


Totally, unabashedly awesome…

Now, now, I’m sure some of you are still scratching your heads.  Some of you are probably saying that I’ve lost my mind to actually be happy that someone still resents me for something I did.  And, well, you’re wrong…

For years his underappreciated staff built his company, built his clientele, built his reputation, brought in money by the bucketfuls and all he did was step on them.  He stepped on those loyal enough to pass up better job offers to stay with him.  He talked down to his staff, treated them worse than that brown stuff on the bottom of your shoe after walking through a cow pasture.  He sat back and complained…. complained… complained… Seriously, I don’t think the Grinch who stole Christmas was this unhappy.

Knowing that I’m the voice in the back of his head telling him over and over he should have listened to me, that I knew what I was talking about.  And seeing that look on his face when our eyes met… yeah, that is awesome in all of its awesomeness.  That is awesome to the Nth degree. 

That is Karma and, no she’s not a bitch right now.  She’s awesome…

For me, for what I and several others have been through with this former job, this type of awesomeness has no limits.  It’s the feather in my cap, well, if I had a cap…

Anyway… that’s my story and yes, I am shameless.

(Herbie’s Note:  For all of AJ’s Facebook friends who wondered what the awesomeness was, well, I would apologize to you for this being less than what you thought, but AJ will not allow it.)

(Herbie’s Note Two:  Other notable things of Awesomeness include my wife, the Baltimore Ravens, Kick Buttowski, Stephen King, Ford Mustangs, W.I.S. (wife initiated sex) and Halloween…)

4 thoughts on “A Personal Moment of AWESOMENESS…

  1. OMG. The fact that you mentioned W.I.S. is like one of those, “Oh, man, I gotta do that more often,” kind of things… Like when someone talks about losing 5 lbs and you know you need to, too.

    But anyway… This was definitely worth the wait. For that is awesomeness. Being the stick in someone’s craw, ages later, is always awesome. 🙂


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