I Talk Too Much

As a bloody fingered writer–yes, bloody fingered, seeing how my fingers are constantly tap-tapping on the keyboard, forming painful blisters. Those blisters eventually pop and that clear fluid seeps out. Later, that fluid is replaced by blood, hence the bloody fingers–I often like to experiment. Take for example that opening. Yeah, right?

By experimenting, I learn things I like and dislike. I also learn to do things right that I have been doing wrong all this time. Here I was thinking I was a decent writer only to see a glaring hole in my work because of an experiment I may have done. It has its positives and negatives, but most of the time my experiments work out in the end.

It’s a risky proposition for me, though. A couple of times the experiments didn’t work at all. Instead, they were major setbacks for me. Those have been pretty dark times in my writing life. Other times I have learned valuable lessons. Like the usages of all the senses and not just sight and touch and sound. Also, creating emotion. Oh, and developing a scene that stands out.

If you have followed Type AJ Negative or even The Odd Ramblings of AJ Brown at one time or other, then you know I am a talker. I never shut up. It’s true.

Okay, so I’m not as bad as the rap by RUN DMC, but I do talk a lot.

At any rate, if I’m talking a lot, then my mind is moving way too fast, as usual. This makes writing fun and exasperating at the same time. A fountain of words is a good thing, but not being able to make those words come out in a manner that makes sense or that reads well is not. Thus, I experiment. You see how much I talk? I didn’t have to give all that information, but I did because it’s the way I am. Sad, I know.

With being long winded, my stories sometimes tend to be the same. I like for my pieces to unfold. I like for the emotions to be in there and I love using my scenes like a character. But–yeah, there’s always a but in there–sometimes the stories don’t need to be that way. Sometimes the stories just need to be straight forward, to the point with minimal descriptions, minimal character development (just enough to get the reader involved, yah know?).

So, this is my experiment over the next few stories I write: to write in a minimalistic style and give the readers more by giving them less. More bang for the buck, so to speak.

It’s already been a struggle. I started a new piece this morning with the intent of writing lean and mean. I had to catch myself as images danced in the vision of my writer’s mind and I almost… almost caved in.

I had to push away from the story for a few minutes and I will return to it in a while.

I hope what this experiment will teach me is to discern when less is more and when more is important. And then blending those two elements to create that Happy Medium we all want.

So, with trying to minimize my words in mind, I end this blog… now…