Life and the Dream

Anyone who has had life throw things at them in random numbers of chaotic insanity understands how life gets in the way of dreams (unfortunately, the dreams don’t get in the way of life). When this happens, well, the dreams get put on the back burner. Sadly, like a bad pot of spaghetti sauce, it often gets left on that back burner until it is dried out and a dark brown color with green, blue and while fuzz growing on it. Oh, wait, that’s never happened to you? Scratch that then.

Whether or not you’ve had the food on the stove incident or not—and I know a few of you have—you get the point. You do, don’t you? If you understand, raise your hand. Hmm… someone out there is lying.

The last few months—since mid-April, I would say—life took a couple of twist and turns, most of which I didn’t see coming. Some of those twists have evened out into straight roads with the occasional curve. Others, not so much.

One of the things that took a beating during all of this stuff—and yes, that is the word I choose to use—was my writing. For a while I lost all desires to write. I was so tired in the evenings that the very thought of writing made my mind shut down. Things just didn’t want to go the way I wanted them. It was frustrating.

Then I started working on this Southern Bones project. The original intent was to keep my mind working on stories, but editing them instead of writing new work. This went on for several months. In that process, around twenty or so stories were either edited significantly or completely rewritten. I like most of what I’ve done.

I stopped subbing stories out. I grew tired of reformatting them, finding markets that don’t take half a year to get back to you, writing the submission letters, going back over the documents to make sure they were the right ones and that I was satisfied they were good enough to go out, and then waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

It got old.

Everything I loved about writing I suddenly loathed. On top of everything else that was going on, I had no desires to do the one thing I was passionate about. It was disheartening. Several times I tried to crawl back on the horse, writing a few words here or there, then hating most of what I wrote. I wrote a couple of blogs with the intent of staying on that horse. Yet, it bucked me off time and time again.

Recently, my friend, Belinda, had her book, Cure, optioned for a movie. Most awesome news I had heard in months. I know how hard Belinda worked on this novel and I’m excited for her.

But there is more to it than that. You see, after hearing the news, my mind revved up again. It was slow starting, like an old car that hasn’t been cranked up in a while. There was a little bit of smoke and the smell of something burning (Haha, go ahead with your funny jokes. Feel free to leave them in the comments section.), but eventually the gears started to move. A couple of days later I sprayed a little WD40 on them.

Low and behold, I wrote a story. It wasn’t that good, but it was a story. It had a beginning, and an ending and some stuff in the middle. It was a story, and I had written it.

Then came another story idea. I hadn’t had successive story ideas in several months, and these two were begging to be written. Almost 7500 words into the second one and it looks like it could end up being over 30K words. It’s also been an easy write, which are the best stories.

I’ve completely finished editing the aforementioned Southern Bones, and have been actively looking into the machine known as Amazon. Sadly, only about 8-10% of the population own a Kindle or a Kindle app for their computers, iPhones or whatever. So, marketing to the social media world does little good. But that is for another day.

Now that I’m writing again, invigorated by my friend, Belinda, I also needed to step into the blogging shoes again and say ‘Hello world. Did you miss me?’ Probably not, but if you did, I offer up my apologies for being AWOL as of late. Life has been in the way of the dreams. My goal is to get back to those dreams, as well as writing blogs a couple of times a week, starting with this one.

And, for those of you wondering, the next blog will be about Book Reviews. Yeah, I know you are probably tired of hearing about them from other folks, but it is what it is, and that will be what I am going to write about in the next couple of days.

For those of you still hanging around, thank you. I truly mean it. I know I have probably let some of you down by not posting about the nothing that is going on in my writing life, but that is soon to change.

It’s time to get back to being consistent, to get back on that horse. With a new desire to write, I may finally be back on track, and maybe life will cooperate this time.

Until we meet again, my friends…

2 thoughts on “Life and the Dream

  1. Got me cooking with this one. Sometimes, we need that break. I’ve been doing the same. Time to start mixing the ingredients for a new sauce. Hope yours turns into a full course meal.
    Happy Writing.


  2. Thank you, Deborah. I’m glad to see someone could comment on this–WP was being wonky when I posted this and a few other people said they weren’t able to leave a comment.


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