The Thirty-Two Days of Halloween–Day One

I know I said my next post would be about book reviews. I lied. I meant for it to be about reviews, but there is a road that is paved with good intentions…

I will get to that post soon enough, and some folks may not like it, but freedom of speech and all that jazz. Today I’m stealing a concept that television shows and other folks have stolen from each other: THIRTY-TWO DAYS OF HALLOWEEN.

What’s that? There are only thirty-one days in October? You are correct. Today is the last day of September, so that makes it thirty-two. Or did I miscount? No. No. My trusty calcufingers tell me I am right.

I have no clue what I’m going to post—and most of them are probably going to be short—but they will all be horror related. More specifically, Halloween related.

October is my favorite month. Besides Halloween and scary movies, The Walking Dead Season 3 starts on October 14th. Here in South Carolina, the state fair arrives around the middle of the month. Talk about your horrifying sights. Have you seen some of those carneys? Football season is in full swing, and the weather begins to change, the fall colors of orange, brown, red and yellow appear on the trees. It’s the best month of the year. The only thing that would have made it better is if I were born in October.

Alas, I wasn’t.

Tonight I start the Thirty-Two Days of Halloween with a zombie song. Well, it’s not really a zombie song, but there are Z’s in the video.

Here are the Limousines with Internet Killed the Video Star. Enjoy.

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