The Thirty-Two Days of Halloween–Day Three

Day Three of The Thirty-Two Days of Halloween is about the one scene in Salem’s Lot (the original version, not that crappy remake) that scared me to death when I was a kid.

Let me set the scene for you, and no, not the one from the movie.

I saw this when I was little—not even a teenager at that point. My older brother had sandy blond/brown hair. I had a full head of black hair. There were woods not far from my grandmother’s house that we walked through all the time. As a child, we were told a story about how a crazy man had escaped the mental ward and had hid out in those woods for a while. We still went through those woods after hearing the story, but never without a touch of nervousness.

Remember, my brother had sandy blonde/brown hair. I had dark wavy hair.


Now that you’ve watched the video, I can tell you the rest of the story. A few years later—I was well into my teens by then—my older brother rarely got home before midnight. My bedroom was next to the back deck, and there was a window that could be accessed from the porch.

It was late—after one in the morning—and I was asleep. I don’t know how long he was standing at the window, but when I woke to hearing him call my name in a whisper and tapping on the window, it took me back to that scene in the movie. Yes, it scared the crap out of me…

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