About Type AJ Negative

Who am I that you, the reader, should care? I’m A.J. Simple as that.I was once a boy and now I’m a man growing old here in the south. I’m a husband, father, sometimes a writer, all pretty much in that order.

Sometimes I write horror … okay, most of the time I write horror. But, sometimes there are other things that have to come out. There are those times where darkness and creatures lurking in the shadows of a man’s heart isn’t needed. Honestly, I like those times the most. That’s when the true writer comes out—when something I’m not used to penning wants to be told … and I listen.

What makes my horror stories different from any other writer? Well, that, too, is simple. I write what I call Horror with Heart (hashtag that, Baby: #horrorwithheart). What is Horror With Heart you ask? Great question. Here is my answer: In today’s world, horror is all about shock and blood and guts. No one is trying to tug on the readers’ (or viewers’) heartstrings. The goal to Horror With Heart is to touch you emotionally, to make you feel something besides disgust. I want you to hurt when my characters hurt. I want you to be in love when my characters are in love. I want to shatter you when I shatter my characters. It’s all about feelings instead of shock and gore. I want you to come away feeling something deep down in your soul. 

HORROR WITH HEART BLACK LOGO FINALSo here we are. You, the reader, glancing at the pages within this electronic book. Yes, that is how I view Type AJ Negative, as a book with many blank pages that need to be filled. That makes me the writer, one of those many folks out there who shoulder the responsibility of trying to write something that will entertain you, that will make you think, or at the very least, that you can use as bathroom reading material.

The name Type AJ Negative came about as my wife and I walked around a ball field as our children raced up ahead of us on their scooters. I was joking around, as I’m apt to do and the term popped out. I modified it just a little, adding an A in there and so it was born.

If you have read this far, I thank you, as do all of the personalities that reside in the many rooms of my brain. I hope you stick around a while, read about what’s happening, check out a free story or two. Leave a note, if you will.  Again, we all thank you …

6 thoughts on “About Type AJ Negative

  1. Hey! YAAAAYYYY. I’m glad you’ve started this. I can’t wait to get here with some time to read everything. Keep going man. I know I’m gonna see you on the shelves one day!


    1. AJ….so glad to see this…..I feel so proud of you right now….all you wrote above is exactly who you are…..and more. Keep on Keeping on…


  2. Well, you did good! It really does look great. Can’t wait to sit and read all of the stories that you add.
    Love you


  3. Hi, old friend. I just bookmarked this site. I hope to spend time browsing and reading some of your things. Yes, I can imagine that you are a behind the scenes person and that you are not given to bragging about yourself. This rings true to me as characteristics of an AJ that I particularly knew two decades ago. I wish you much, much success in your writing, your family, your life. With love, Robin


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